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Tell Us Your Favorite
Brian Zwaan Giving Story

As we reflect on our mission of propelling young minds forward by giving to educational programs in the Philadelphia region, we ask that you share with us your favorite story about Brian Zwaan and how he impacted you through education, charity, or mentorship. 


In 2014, Brian Zwaan was honored at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Distinguished Graduate Awards. In their program for the event, Brian was quoted:


"My advice to future graduates is to answer the call. At some point you will be called upon to give back, and, if you decide to answer it, you will find it very enriching."


Brian's commitment to education was honored that night and now we continue that commitment through his legacy with the Brian C. Zwaan Legacy Fund. The Chester County Community Foundation has been very helpful in support of our efforts.


We know that there are plenty of stories to share of how Brian has contributed to his community through education, charity, and mentorship. We would love to hear them!


Please share with us your favorite story about Brian Zwaan and how he impacted you. Please feel free to submit anonymously. We hope to feature these uplifting stories to encourage others to give back to their communities like Brian did!

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